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Project Access International

Project Access is a global non-profit startup fighting for equal access to top universities. We help underprivileged students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities – for students, by students and forever free of charge


Bright students from underprivileged backgrounds are severely underrepresented at the world’s top universities, because they face a number of barriers:

  1. They're less likely to apply, because they are lacking role models to identify with, which often leads them to undermatch or never apply to selective schools
  2. They're less likely to receive an offer - Lacking information and application feedback, they are disadvantaged in the admissions process
  3. They're less likely to graduate - Lacking support, they struggle academically and socially even after admission

Learn more about the problem of unequal access in higher education, what Project Access does to address it and our impact by checking out our website; also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, join more than 3,300 mentors and 200 volunteer team members by signing up online - click below to volunteer, sign up as a mentor, support us financially or in other way you'd like. We'd love for you to join our movement!